a poem by jacob berg

Jacob Berg
1 min readFeb 28, 2021
art available @dullstyle

sorry for what you lost sorry
the sun shines red but
i ain’t done that i
slain a boy i
loved one too i
dreamt a red sun but
i ain’t shone it i
wore my heart formal i
thought about you i
traced your eyes and
sold it for a million and
i ain’t share but
whose fault’s the sun?

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Jacob Berg is a Toronto-born poet, painter, and digital artist whose work has been featured in Lake Effect 8, Jam & Sand, Juniper, & The Northern Appeal. He is the founder and creative director of dullstyle (@dullstyle on Instagram).

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Jacob Berg

poet, artist, theorist. only passionately curious. www.dullstyle.ca.